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Puglia, Italy

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``What is the fatal charme of Italy? What do we find there that can be found nowhere else?
I believe it is a certain permission to be human, which other places, other countries, lost long ago.``
Erica Jong (American novelist)


The Palazzo Rosso has a fascinating history. Once the home of Ostuni’s first mayor, Don Paolo Tanzarella, its walls tell the somewhat turbulent story of the White City. Just steps away from the present-day Remembrance park, the venerable stone building has always been at the center of the city’s social and cultural life. It was there that the trainieri, (cart drivers in Pugliese dialect), were waiting for their daily assignments.


It is also here that conspiracies were hatched that would rock the region and the whole country. In the first part of the 19th century, the country we today call Italy did not yet exist; it was still a geographical area comprised of eight separate states. However, a revolution was brewing: Since his youth, Don Tanzarella had been a member of the insurrectionary movement “Giovine Italia.” In great secrecy, he invited the region’s most prominent patriotic figures to meet in the plush lounges and the 14 bedrooms of the 2-storey Palazzo Rosso. Their cause:  to transform Italy into a democratic republic under the principles of Freedom, Independence and Unity.


The conspiratorial gatherings at Don Paulo’s ended up being successful. On June 26, 1860, 10 years after this first meeting and after centuries of foreign occupation, Ostuni was the first city in Puglia to proclaim Italy’s unification and to proudly fly the red, white and green flag. 40 days later, Paolo Tanzarella became the city’s first mayor. Throughout his tenure, he focused on turning Ostuni into both a more urban and a more libertarian place. Upon his death in 1897, the benefactor of the White City bequeathed his entire estate, the family Palazzo, the furniture, the carriages and the horses to his eldest son.

At the turn of the century things change and so does the Palazzo. Still owned by the Tanzarella family, the building houses the Biennial exhibition of the Industrial Technical Institute and then in 1971, four classes of the city’s new Scientific High School. Later, it contained the barracks of the powerful Italian Customs and Financial Police. Since the seventies, the beautiful Palazzo had fallen asleep for over forty years. Only its magnificent vaults, its centuries-old stones and its historical frescoes remained


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A unique decor, down to the smallest detail, repurposed monumental lighting fixtures, South African custom-made sofas and headboards, gazebos from India turned into bathtubs, closets and night-stands from antique fairs from all over the world. The creative association of old and new art, objects and furnishings in a head-spinning and very personal mix is Pascale’s trademark


Her keen sense of observation was sharpened during a lifetime of travel, countless visits to international art and trade shows, but also at the local antique markets. Her vision made of worldly elegance is multicultural and original down to the smallest detail. The unique result, coherent, deeply modern and stimulating at the same time is at the root of the exceptional atmosphere that permeates every room at Paragon 700.

The ancient water cistern of Palazzo Rosso has found a new life as a unique spa nestled 7 meters below ground. Open exclusively for hotel guests, it features a hydromassage basin, a steam bath, a spa shower with chromotherapy, a treatment room for two and a relaxing lounge clad in Himalayan salt walls to enhance an inclusive wellness experience.

Our producers and local farmers “have a seat” at our table, where seasons and varieties are essential. Appreciating these two elements that Puglia offers is the key for Restaurant 700: we want our guests to live a complete Apulian experience. Open 7/7 to guests and locals alike, Restaurant 700 offers an intimate gourmet dining adventure with a sophisticated touch and impeccable service.

The centuries-old vaulted stone chamber opens onto the traditional oil mill transformed into a convivial table and the state-of-the-art kitchen. Beyond the patio, the swimming pool and Ostuni’s largest private garden with its orange grove find their home: you can have breakfast here, or dine in summer warmest nights.

Your Flight

The nearest local airport to Paragon 700 is Brindisi International Airport (BDS).  We operate a varied fleet and your specific aircraft type may vary from city to city.    We offer a range of private jet aircraft as well as turboprops and your Travel Planner will discuss your specific requirements at time of enquiry. 

For short hops in and around Europe we recommend our Cessna Citation CJ2 Light Jets.

Private flying offers a host of benefits both from a convenience point-of-view as well as health & safety.  To learn more about our Health & Safety Policy and Procedures, please Click Here.


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Our Journeys by Private Jet are all tailor-made from an airport near you so please contact us for pricing using the form below. 

We are also able to plan and book your trip without a private jet so if this stunning property ticks all your boxes, do get in touch for a holiday quotation. 

Current Accommodation Rates are below.

Room Type
30 Apr - 04 Jun & 03 Oct - 01 Nov 21
05 Jun - 02 Jul & 30 Aug - 02 Oct 21
02 Nov - 07 Nov & 24 Dec 21 - 09 Jan 22
03 Jul - 29 Aug 21
Paragon Suite
EUR 906.00 prpn
EUR 855.00 prpn
EUR 805.00 prpn
EUR 956.00 prpn
Loft Suite
EUR 654.00 prpn
EUR 604.00 prpn
EUR 554.00 prpn
EUR 704.00 prpn
Deluxe Suite
EUR 503.00 prpn
EUR 553.00 prpn
EUR 453.00 prpn
EUR 604.00 prpn
EUR 403.00 prpn
EUR 452.00 prpn
EUR 352.00 prpn
EUR 503.00 prpn

Rates are per room per night  for two guests sharing and include breakfast.  City tax of EUR2.00 per day is payable direct.  Min Stay of two nights from 15 Jul - 18 Sep & 28 Dec - 02 Jan.  Special Offers for Early Booking and 3 night/5 night and 7 nights stays are available, please enquire. 

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Hotel Health & Safety Policy

Each of our Accommodation Partners has a distinct Health & Safety Policy in place which can be found below.  Please be advised, though, that this can differ from property to property.

Paragon 700 Boutique Hotel & Spa | Puglia | Italy

We want to share with you that COVID-19 will not stop us from dreaming of future travel. Paragon 700 Boutique Hotel & SPA will open its doors again in April 2021 (subject to change due to government restrictions).

In light of the evolving situation, we are focused on all our guests, residents, and employees’ health and safety. Our priority, as always, is to ensure the best safety without compromising the quality of your experience when you stay with us.

We are adhering to the latest information, protocols and tools from government authorities and from the World Health Organization to maximize the effectiveness of our response.

Based on the local authorities’ latest guidelines, we are taking precautionary measures and stringent practices around food handling, sanitisation, disinfection, and cleaning to ensure your well-being. We measure the temperature of everyone who enters our spaces, indoors and outdoors, and several sanitation stations are located on the property.

Also, we partnered with Laboratory Alfa in Ostuni and we offer the possibilities of having the PCR test at the hotel for all the guests who might need it for their return journeys. The result will be emailed to you.

We are completely committed to our guests’ experience, and we are doing everything we can to provide a safe, seamless and ultimately enjoyable Paragon 700 experience when you will visit us.

May whatever light is out there find it’s way to you during this time. We look forward to welcoming you to Paragon700 Boutique Hotel & SPA.

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