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Introducing Cruise Connection

If you live north of Birmingham in the United Kingdom, then chances are you are well acquainted with the infamous M6 motorway, famous for its traffic jams and speed restrictions. For ardent cruise enthusiasts its either an often badly timed domestic flight from a regional airport or a lengthy car or coach journey down the M6 to reach Southampton to join their cruise. Introducing Cruise Connection from Flitestar. Fly private from Regional Airports to Southampton and from London to Barcelona and Rome to join your cruise. Experience the ease and convenience of private terminals, private jet travel and seamless transfers.

Gather up friends and family and make the flight even more affordable! Plus we offset the carbon generated on your flight through the Land Trust! So if you are travelling down to Southampton for your cruise, want to splash out a little, maybe its a special occasion, anniversary, birthday, then think Cruise Connection from Flitestar and Start the Party in the Sky!

For more information, visit the Flitestar Website: https://www.flyflitestar.com/cruise-connection-from-flitestar

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